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Network SSL Certificate Scanner (NetCertScanner)

NetCertScanner 2016

NetCertScanner - Scan & Manage SSL Certificates

NetCertScanner is the enterprise software to scan & manage expired SSL Certificates on your local network or internet. It's swift SSL Certifcate scan powered by 'Host-Port Multiplexed Multithreading' technique helps you to scan the entire network in just few minutes.

Along with this, it also boasts of other special features like Smarter SSL Cert Analysis, Hidden SSL Port Scan, Color based Display, Database Integration, Console Version, HTML/CSV Scan Report etc making it a unique product in the universe.

Served independently since 2007, now for the first time it is being released under the company 'XenArmor' offering enterprise support and service to all our customers.


What's New in 'NetCertScanner 2016 Edition'

NetCertScanner 2016 presents the fully renovated edition from inside out to perform SSL certificate scan smarter than ever. Here are the highlights of new features,

Scan 256*256 Hosts

Now you can scan entire local network (*.*.0.0/16 or 256*256 hosts) in one go

Smarter SSL Cert Analysis

Improved Post Scan Analysis to expose Expired/Self-signed SSL Certificates

2x Speed Scan

Enhanced speed and performance improvements for quicker SSL scan of local network or internet

HTML/CSV Scan Report

Support for generating SSL Cert scan report in both HTML and CSV file format

Colored Console Output

New console version displays results in various colors based on Cert Analysis

First from Company

First ever release under the XenArmor Co. assuring of secure, trusted & quality service

Key Features

Here are the main features and benefits of NetCertScanner

  • Swift SSL Scanning Operation using 'Host-Port Multiplexed Multithreading' Technique
  • 'Universal SSL Scanner' based unique method of retrieving SSL Certificate from Remote Host
  • Supports both HTTP-SSL (443) and LDAP-SSL (636) Services on Local Network or Internet
  • Scan entire Local Network (*.*.0.0/16) or 256x256 Hosts in one go
  • Hidden SSL Port Scanning feature using Brute-force method
  • Smart SSL Certificate Analysis (Expired/Self-signed Certs)
  • Special 'Warning Note' for the SSL Certificates that are about to Expire in a month
  • Color based Display of SSL Certificate Results (warning/expired/self-signed etc)
  • Console/Command-Line version for Automation of SSL Scanning operation
  • File based IP List Scanning [Console Version]
  • Generate SSL Certificate Scan Report in both HTML/CSV format
  • Database integration with Microsoft SQL Server to Auto-store Certificate Scan results
  • View complete SSL Certificate [requires Database integration]
  • Fully Portable, does not require Java, .NET or any other Components


System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Physical Memory: 1 GB
HARD Disk Capacity: 100 MB
Database: Microsoft SQL Server (optional)

We strongly recommend using Windows Server Editions or Windows 7/8/10 for faster scanning performance.


Order NetCertScanner 2016 Now !!!

NetCertScanner is available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions. For medium and large scale organizations, Enterprise Edition is recommended.


Select NetCertScanner Edition Standard Professional Enterprise
Swift SSL Scan powered by "Host-Port Multiplexed Multithreading" technique
SSL Scan of both Web & Directory Servers (HTTPS/LDAPS)
Generate SSL Certificate Scan Report in both HTML/CSV format
Database Integration with Microsoft SQL Server
Brute-Force based Hidden SSL Port Scan
Smart SSL Certificate Analysis (detect Expired/Self-signed Certificates)
Show Warning for about to Expire SSL Certificates
Colored Representation of SSL Certificate Results
Scan Entire Subnet (*.*.0.0/16) or 256x256 Systems in one go
Console/Command-line Version for Automation
File based IP List Scanning [Console Version]
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